P3 Homeschool Co-op Ministry

The World is our Classroom

                            How to Join P3


The Waiting List is now open for the 2017-2018 school year.

Click HERE to join the waiting list.

Someone will be in contact with you in the next few months as we process the memberships.


**All fees are nonrefundable**


To become a member, please do the following:

Part A:

1.  Make sure you have watched our video on the Home page and read About P3.

     Is P3 a good fit for your family? If so,proceed to Step #2.

2.  Is your oldest child kindergarten age (5 years old by September 30th) or older?

     If so, proceed to Step #3.

3. Fill out the Contact Form and ask to be added to our Waiting List for the next available opening OR if you have a specific question, email us and ask!  We've tried to anticipate all general questions and they are thoroughly answered in our video.  If you'd like more information please be SPECIFIC.  We do not share our current class catalog because that changes every semester.


4. If you contact us and we invite you to join P3, please move on to the following step.  (If you don't have a printer, local libraries have public access computers and printers available for a minimal charge.) 

Fill out the following forms:

5.  We need your help~~~Volunteer to teach!  "Many hands make light work"

If you are able to agree and sign the first signature line of the Statement of Faith form then you have the opportunity to teach a class.  If you are interested in teaching, please fill out the Prospective Class Application form.  (You can fill out as many of the Prospective Class forms as you would like.  Just remember you will only teach one class even if you submit 2 or more class ideas. The more Prospective Class forms you are able to fill out, the easier it is for the class coordinators to make a well-round class catalog with a variety of class topics and age ranges.)   You can mail these along with your membership forms.

Need Class Ideas?  When you become a member of the website, you'll have access to a comprehensive list of 70 class ideas!


6.  Make check payable to: P3 Homeschool Co-op and send to the address that is sent to you in your welcome letter.

**All fees are nonrefundable**

7.  Please email us when you have mailed the forms so we can watch for those to

      arrive in the mail.

      Email:  [email protected] 

8.  Once we have received all the forms and the $75 registration fee, you will then be invited to register on the website.  Be prepared to complete Part B at this time....



Part B:

Please complete the following once you have been notified of your acceptance to the website or have been invited to the website.

  1. Complete the data fields on the website once online registration is accepted.  (You will receive an email to complete your profile.  This email will come from a different email address named "Notifications" or "Messages."  This is not junk mail!)
  2. Personalize your profile page on the website.  You can add a photo of your or your family along with a short bio.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Members Directory page.  Here you can access member's information in case you need to email or call them.
  4. Read and review the P3 Parent-Student Handbook located on the Co-op Information page. 
  5. Complete the Acknowledgment Form on the last page of the handbook.
  6. Familiarize yourself with our Co-op Information page. This webpage will be updated each semester and will be the main location for all printable pdf files related to our co-op day as well as sign-up links.
  7. Bring the Acknowledgement Form to Orientation Night.