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New for 2017-2018!

P3 Plus: A Preparatory Program

2 10-week sessions

Mondays, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm*

*P3 Plus is in session one hour longer than P3

P3 Plus will follow the same calendar as P3

(Application is located at the bottom)

As P3 has grown “with” our children, it has been amazing to watch God help us meet needs as He shows them to us. Our oldest children are beginning to reach the age of high school graduation. This, however, doesn't always mean that those children are ready to jump from the nest into “real life” and adult situations. More and more often, Seniors in high school are choosing to take a “Gap” year to explore career paths, work part time jobs and just get used to this new reality of being finished with their schooling. It's not unique to homeschooling and is definitely not unique to P3.

The research supports the claims that many students are not ready to head to college after the magic birthday of 18. Many college freshmen do not have the necessary life skills necessary to navigate the world apart from Mom and Dad.

And, furthermore, many (most) 18 year olds have no idea what career path they'd like to pursue. Many kids of this age know what they like, but not how to make a living doing what they enjoy. Which of the many options available to them would truly suit their personality and goals? The idea of starting college with no clear end goal with a specific job in mind seems like a waste of money, and most of the time, it is!

P3 Plus: A Preparatory Program that would meet the needs of

  • the kids who need Life Skills to be successful in the real world: Adulting, if you will. (Did you know that MANY college GRADUATES are seeking out Adulting classes to help them navigate the waters of the real world after their college experience?)

  • the kids who need time to hone their goals so that college or career training is more purposeful and ends with a job that they enjoy (and they may be surprised to learn that it doesn't require a drive to a local Christian college and a $90,000 student loan), and

  • the kids who aren't ready to jump out of P3 altogether, who have built a relationship base and still desire the camaraderie that P3 gives.

The program will allow your graduate a chance to not only SURVIVE their college/career prep, but THRIVE!

Did you know that:

  • In 2011, 1.5 million, or 53.6% of college grads under age 25 were out of work or underemployed.
  • And for those that do have jobs? 48% of employed U.S. college grads are in jobs that require less than a four-year degree.
  • 30% of college graduates don’t feel college prepared them for the world of work.
  • Six times as many graduates are working in retail or hospitality as had originally planned.

The Basics:

P3 Plus will be open to students 18 and up who are either finished with their high school curriculum outside of P3 or are still working on high school but are also actively pursuing their career path through an internship, mentorship, apprenticeship or classes.

P3 Plus is limited to 8-10 kids per year. First priority is given to our current P3 graduates.

P3 Plus Students must either be enrolled as a member of a family that is a registered member of P3 and pays the $75 family fee, or as a single P3 Plus student must pay the same membership rate as other P3 families.

P3 Plus is not a 12th grade/senior year option, but instead its purpose is to prepare students who are in their Gap Year or who are already preparing for their career with classes about wading carefully into the waters of adulthood.

P3 Plus Students may choose to drive themselves to P3 without a registered family with younger children, provided they themselves commit to serving in some capacity each week as a Chapel Helper, Clean Up Helper, Attendance Helper, Bathroom Cleaner or even serving as a PE Teacher during Block B.

P3 Plus Schedule:

Block A (one hour): Choice of Class with the 15+

Block B (one hour):  A Full Year Worldview discussion based class to help students prepare their hearts for the world that is outside their door.

In college (even Christian college) and the outside world, the Worldview of our young adults is put to the test. Language is suddenly acceptable that was never acceptable before. Relationships and self-examination sometimes lead to questions about why their families believe what they believe. Sometimes the firm beliefs that seemed so rooted suddenly are under attack. How will they respond?

The book How to Stay Christian in College explores this worsening trend. We need to arm our children with all the tools needed to succeed while still maintaining their Christian faith and morals we've worked so hard to instill.

Block C (2 hours): A Class Addressing the Life Skills in the above Checklist.

    This class would address a skill a week and include things like :

  • a field trip to the police station for a police officer to explain what happens if they are in an accident and what to do, the best way to respond if they          are pulled over and other important information that we don't think to teach.
  • A grocery shopping/budgeting and cooking challenge
  • making an organized planner with all the important information at their fingertips such as doctors' phone numbers, goal sheets, records, calendars            and more
  • strategies for keeping passwords, social security numbers, credit/debit card and checking account numbers accessible and safe
  • and lots more

P3 Plus would address all of the most needed skills that are included in this downloadable checklist, however would not be able to cover all in one year. The option would be available to cycle through the program twice in order to take advantage of learning all about the topics. It would repeat in a 2 year cycle.

At the same time that the P3 Plus students are enrolled in the program, they should also be exploring a career path including a mentorship, internship or apprenticeship OR class in their field. Their parents should help them seek out a weekly or bi-monthly outlet in which to explore.

Second semester, during Block B, the students will together TEACH a class to 12-14 and/or 15 and up students called Prospective Professions, where each P3 Plus Student would take a week to teach the class about their chosen profession. They would tell the students the pros and cons of this career path, including how to achieve the job and how to make money doing what they will do. They'll describe their experiences over the first semester and make a case for why that profession is a good one to enter.

Possible book studies include:

 How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie,

The Millionaire Next Door

The Way to Wealth by Ben Franklin

If you feel P3 Plus is a great fit for your high school graduate,

please have your teen fill out the P3 Plus application.